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About the Discourse

The discourse brings together policy makers, entrepreneurs, sustainable development experts, leading corporate organisations and various subject matter experts to discuss and solve pressing world challenges facing selected industries as it relates to the environment, climate change, sustainability and the quest for a green economy.

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Mobilising Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Significance of expanding Green Finance in times of a global crisis.


The Sustainability Table Discourse Series (STS) is a platform that brings together policymakers, entrepreneurs, sustainable development experts, leading corporate organisations, and various subject matter experts to share ideas/initiatives and proffer solution to challenges facing selected industries as it relates to the environment, climate change, sustainability.


Climate Change

Food Security

Waste Management

Renewable Energy

Gender Equality


Environmental Security & Justice

Climate Financing

Ethical & Strategic Leadership

Sustainable Job Creation

Reflect On the 2022 Discourse

This panel discussion talked on the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and how the potential of the country lies in rapid digitization which would leapfrog the country’s economic development.

It also talked on leveraging on technology as a strategic tool and accelerator, for collaboration, leapfrogging, and establishing connections.

Speakers & Panelists

The Sustainability Table Discourse Series (STS)


Governor of Lagos State

Dr. Olufolake Abdulrazaq

First Lady, Kwara State


Minister of State,Environment & Ecological Management


The Sustainability Table Discourse Series values strong, ongoing relationships with each of our sponsors and work closely with them to ensure their individual needs are met to receive a good return on their investment.

“Congratulations on the latest edition of the SustainabilityTable Discourse.

Investing in climate smart agriculture and clean energy efficient technologies, and encouraging apprenticeships, entrepreneurship and self-employment in green jobs, through local, state, and federal employment policies and programmes can address youth unemployment, which SDGs particularly targets.

Building towards a climate resilient circular economy based on regeneration where little is wasted, and new and innovative career opportunities for young people are created”.

Kofo Adeleke

Development Consultant Environment Ambassador Emeritus, Lagos State

“I am a firm believer that knowledge is crucial in solving any problem.

The Sustainability Table Discourse Series has in the past five years, worked tirelessly and impressively at bridging the knowledge gap about the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals Nigeria is lagging in.

In the spirit of nation-building, the Discourse has focused quite remarkably on the most pressing issues in Nigeria. Last year, at a time when it was more crucial than ever, the focus was on bridging the technology gap”.

Akintunde Oyebode

Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development, Ekiti State

Why Join Us?

Network with business leaders, policymakers, scientists, academics, investors, entrepreneurs, leading corporate organisations, and subject matter experts in an exhaustive deep dive.

Share strategies, initiatives, and ideas on sustainability.

Review international policies, industry best practices and how they can be ad-opted locally.


The Sustainability Table Discourse is the perfect platform to share ideas, network, increase brand awareness and promote your initiatives. Sponsor brands are marketed before, during, and after the ST discourse through the event’s web-site, in print and radio and on social media channels. Your organisation can also benefit from a dedicated signage and materials throughout the event.

Reducing Waste

Learn how you can make small changes that are eco-friendly and will have a lasting effect for the planet cleansing.

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